Scottish Harness Racing

Scottish Harness Racing


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Scottish Harness Racing ©

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Registered 1st May 2009
E-mail-Scottish Harness Racing


Next Meeting: Sun Oct 3rd - Corbiewood. First race is 3pm



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Avalon Racing
“At the Heart of Harness Racing”

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federal deputy minister authorities canada On-Course Bookmakers in attendance at:
Corbiewood, Musselburgh, Bells Field, Haugh Field, Appleby,
Tregaron, Fir Tree & Hellifield.
Perth Racecourse.
Scottish & Northern Area Point-to-Points.


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29th September 2010 - Startsheet Amendments
Mye Lad and Boogie Bootie have been swapped around. The revised startsheet can be viewed by clicking here.
29th September 2010 - Corbiewood Startsheet
The startsheet for Sundays racing at Corbiewood is now available by clicking here. Its another good card with some very competitive races. Post time is 3pm and entry is £8 for adults with under 16's free.

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exercises 27th September 2010 - Horses For Sale
There have been several new horses added to our for sale section. To view the list please click here.
27th September 2010 - Corbiewood Results
The full results from Sundays racing are now available by clicking here.
22nd September 2010 - Murdock Weekend Pictures
To view some pictures of the weekends racing at Corbiewood please click here. Many thanks to Bill Cardno for supplying the pictures. Please show your support by purchasing some of his pictures as they are of great quality.
22nd September 2010 - Corbiewood Start Sheet
The provisional start sheet for Sundays racing at Corbiewood is now available by clicking here. First race is 3pm and entry is £8 for adults with under 16's free. Please come along and show your continued support for Scottish Harness Racing.

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21st September 2010 - Doonbeg Track Record

A clip of Doonbegs track record performance can now be seen on Youtube. Thanks to James Paterson for uploading the race. Click here to view.
21st September 2010 - Corbiewood Results
The full results from the weekends racing at Corbiewood are now available.
Click here for Saturdays and here for Sundays.
21st September 2010 - Track Record Smashed During Murdock Festival
The long standing Corbiewood track record was demolished on Saturday afternoon by the little war horse Doonbeg. The diminutive son of Camluck broke the previous record of 2.1.4 by pacing the mile in 1.59.6. The previous record had stood for over 15 years and was held by the striking grey Young Commander. The crowd erupted into rapturous applause and celebration as the little horse crossed the wire and yet again when the official time was announced. Congratulations to owners Porterstown Stud, trainer Christy Dunne and to driver Geoff Dunne who was deputising for his injured brother Jonathan.
The first ever all coloured standardbred race took place on Saturday and was won by John Howards Howards Colormein. The race was disputed by many however it produced one of the best finishes of the whole weekend. The son of Rorschach was driven to victory by Mick Lord and is trained by John Howard.
Trainer Alexis Laidler had three charges in the Gerard Adair final with husband Rocker taking the drive on favourite Rooney Direct, Mick Lord took the drive on Autumn Glory and Wull Greenhorn had the drive on Carl Hall. With a ¼ mile to go, Laidler had kicked clear with Rooney Direct however he became weary out in front and Greenhorn went charging past on board Carl Hall and ran out a comfortable winner. Driver Wull Greenhorn has now won the race 3 times and its another big final victory for him on board an Alexis Laidler trained horse. Well done to owners Merrington Stables, trainer Alexis Laidler and driver Wull Greenhorn.
Sundays weather was in stark contrast to the sunshine of Saturday. The rain had made the track virtually unraceable with conditions that can only be described as horrendous. The start car was not in use and the track was like slush. 3 ladies bravely battled the conditions to take part in the Female Drivers race. Stellas Choice went to post as the short priced favourite for driver Joyce Greenhorn however he didn’t take to the conditions as well as Anna Wallace’s charge Ex-Factor. Anna Wallace and Ex-Factor made light work of the opposition to win easily for owner Thomas Bennett and trainer Ciaran Morrison.
Next up it was the Young Drivers race where 8 youngsters braved the elements. The race looked over with a ¼ mile to go as Aquarius and driver Ryan ‘The Cub’ Cattigan kicked some 10-15 lengths clear of the field. However, with an 1/8th to go the legs went weary with Aquarius and Cattigans close friend Gregor Paterson got up to land the spoils with Whizz Around. Whizz Around is owned by Eric Witherspoon and is trained by Alexis Laidler. Well done to all the young drivers who took part.
The Joe Murdock Memorial Final was the last race of the weekend and Wills Red went to post as favourite despite finishing second in his earlier heat behind General Howard. He did draw the favourable 1 though and he won the final comfortably for driver Rocker Laidler. The son of Todays Man is owned by David Morton and is trained by Alexis Laidler. Its now the third year in a row that trainer Alexis Laidler and her driver husband Rocker have won the Joe Murdock Memorial. Congratulations to all the connections.
Despite the weather on Sunday it was a fantastic weekend of racing and this event seems to grow in stature every year. Thanks to the Murdock family for their continued support.
16th September 2010 - Start Sheet Corrections
Camtankerous has been replaced by Jay Knows Best in Race 8 on Saturday. Dalton and Western Magnum swap races on Sunday. Both changes are a result of a clerical error and apologies for any confusion.
The full start sheets can be viewed by clicking here.
15th September 2010 - Corbiewood Start Sheet
The startsheet for this weekends much anticipated racing at Corbiewood is now available. We have horses over from Ireland and also from south of the border. Racing starts at 3pm on both Saturday and Sunday and entry is £8 for adults with under 16's free.
Saturdays start sheet - click here
Sundays start sheet - click here
14th September 2010 - Horses For Sale
There have been new additions to our Horses For Sale section.




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